Yoga in Ibiza, What style is for me?

Yoga in Ibiza, What style is for me?

Yoga in Ibiza, What style is for me?

My style of yoga

In a world where there is literally a style of yoga for everything, it can be intimidating and confusing choosing the right yoga for you and your body. From Vinyasa to Yin, Dog Yoga (yes apparently that is now a thing! HA!), intense flow, Naked Yoga and I’ve even heard of Tequila Yoga! It can be a challenge to either get on the path of practice, or expand your current style.

My style of yoga is really back to the essence of what yoga is about, bringing into alignment our breath, with our body, in doing so we  re-connect to our HEART SPACE, meaning the mind is calmer, clearer, we feel more connected to our inner selves and more connected to the outer world. By synchronising these elements through different shapes (asanas/poses), breathing, flow, meditation we move toward deep peace (moksha). Most importantly, they are designed to bring harmony to our mind, body, soul/highest self. There are 84 asanas (postures) so I cherry pick the most effective to bring these elements into alignment

All my classes generally have a theme or a focus, sometimes based around a chakra (or energy point), or what is going in the wider world, in nature (like seasons), or in the universe (what stage the moon is in etc), the time of day and anything else relevant at that time. As such morning classes are usually more active, physical, flowing, inviting fresh energy in for the day (Hatha Flow, Elements of Vinyasa, Vitality or more Powerful sequences). Evening classes, as our bodies naturally are detoxing and unwinding at this time these classes feature softer shapes, asanas and softer flow aiding the body to soften and the nervous systems to relax.

The emphasis is always on YOU, what you need to receive, what your body, mind, highest self needs and honouring that.



Yoga in Ibiza, What style is for me? The one that makes you feel AMAZING.

Lots of Love




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