Self Healing through Water Therapy

Self Healing through Water Therapy

Self Healing

What water therapy did for me….

What healing modality shifted and helped you the most? Are there any therapies you’d like to try and why?

  1. In 2015 I suffered my second very severe disc prolapse whilst in Costa Rica. I was flown from the jungle into San Jose where I spent many many days trying to get myself fit enough to fly. Eventually, I made it to the UK where I spoke to 5 neurosurgeons. They felt it would be necessary to have further back surgery. I was determined not to have further surgery. Therefore I wanted to try less conventional methods to heal. As a result of this journey I discovered Water Therapy Healing. Not only was I pain free for the first time in 10 years, I completely fell in love with this incredible modality!

  2. Having practised meditation for many years, there is nothing that even comes close to the states of peace that I’ve discovered in water therapy. As I let go more and more, I often go into a state of complete dissolve, no ego, no mind, and even no body! Just pure blissful energy! You can read more about Samadhi states on the links attached. 

  3. Emotional healing – during my initial training, I discovered how much grief I carried in my energetic field. On day 3 of the course, I learned or ‘remembered’ how much pain I was still carrying over due to the loss of my father many years before. It was very painful to release this but ultimately freeing to let go.  

  4. Taught me to live by 3 key principles, ‘Surrender to the Flow’, ‘ The high and low make the flow’ and ‘Everything is impermanent’. These have been come my mantras! Whenever life is either going swimmingly, or I feel like I’m a drowning!

  5. I reached a new level of understanding of the how special and magical planet earth, and the universe really are. This has given me a clearer and more profound vision of how absolutely everything is webbed together so perfectly. 

  6. I’ve began a life long journey of learning about water. I deeply hope that more scientists start looking into the capacity of water as a healing modality, and building on the work of Masaru Emoto. He demonstrates how water literally changes its entire structure when words and music of different values are spoken/shared with it. 

  7. Found a home for my maternal energy. I always thought I would be a mother, however this hasn’t happened yet. However, this has been a super tool to share the maternal love with receivers. 

  8. Reminded me really the key to most things is LEARNING TO RELAX. Relaxing makes life flows to us! We have the space to be more creative, feel more free. Have more presence, simplicity and witness the beauty in everything. Anxiety, stress and depression can melt away into the water. 

  9. Reminded me of how many natural highs there are out there! For example, during a water journey these days, I feel as though I’m on a high or have taken some kind of substance! Research is still looking into DMT and the pineal gland in our brain. However, after receiving many sessions (especially in the sea) I firmly believe that the flow and movement of a session stimulates the pineal gland. This releases DMT and puts us in a kind of psychedelic hypnotic state.  After a session often the colours of nature around seem hyper real! You can read more about DMT on the links below.

  10. Reminded me that life is a dance! It has taught me how to let go of the reigns and oars as much as possible and most importantly, it has taught me…

  11. TO TRUST 

I’d love to see how water therapy could help YOU! Send me a message if you’d like to connect!





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