I am incredibly passionate about helping, guiding and supporting people on their journey to improve their lives. Be that to get in that dress again, to run your first marathon, to make a come back from Depression, to make a comeback from a time away from injury, to improve your general health, to be able to enjoy life more or even maybe to make some new friends I can help!


* LISTEN to you and help you iron out what exactly you WANT from Personal Training; Is it to get in that holiday bikini? Is it a recurring injury that prevents you from an exercise? Is it get some tone? run your first 10K? Is it to get fit? Get strong? Smile More?
*Take time to understand who you are and how I could help.
* Design a flexible programme that works for your BUSY life.
* LISTEN and LEARN about YOU about what motivates and de motivates you! What you want, need and are willing to do to get it!
* Train you using the most intelligent, cost effective, and time effective programmes.
* Make you FEEL GREAT about yourself, both in the mirror and on the inside!
* MOTIVATE you to achieve that goal.
* LEAD AND SUPPORT YOU on your fitness journey.
* ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE you with food recipes, exercise ideas, and ways to GET INVOLVED in your area.
* Be A SMART COACH and assist you to enhance your life!


* Bark orders at you (Dogs are awesome, but you’re not a dog.)
* Put you on a FADDY DIET: Yes I run weight loss programmes but you won’t find any FADDY DIETS here. There’s no amount of dieting that can do what healthy eating does (TRUST ME I TRIED THEM ALL)
* Make you feel uncomfortable about yourself!
* Do anything you are not able to!
* Set you up with unrealistic goals!


  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Free Weights/Machine Weights
  • PT Padwork (Boxing)
  • Fat Loss
  • Women’s fitness
  • Partner/Small Group Fitness
  • Circuits/Mobile Personal Training
  • Lower back care
  • Nutritional Support/Guidance
  • Pre/Post Natal Support
  • Exercising with the Elderly
  • CORE stability building
  • Swiss Ball/BOSU training
  • Postural correction and alignment
  • Body Mass composition
  • YMCA Level 2 First Aid
  • Level 2 Gym Instruction
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Training
  • Triathlon Coaching
  • KettleBell Coaching

This Month’s Mantra: