Profound relaxation

Release Tension (physical, emotional, mental)

Overcoming FEAR (water and non water related)

Reconnect to your Water Element

Experience Rebirthing yourself (in warm water!)

Deeply healing on all levels

Experience ‘FLOW’

Learning to Let go

Enter a deep meditative state

We all have a deep innate connection to water, being 70-80% water ourselves, remembering the earth is also 70-80% water and of course we spent 9 months of early lives in a form of water in the womb! This blissful experience of a blend of WataFlow and Dolphin Dance allows us to really deeply connect with our water element, to receive and experience letting go and flow.

In this therapy our deepest muscles are invited to deeply to relax and let go, aiding deep relaxation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Often people go into a state of ‘no mind’ as the front cortex switches of as you held in the water. Depending on what your body, mind, spirit needs in the moment we will move through a sequence of moves allowing you to let go, be present, and slip into a magical meditative state. Connect with your inner mermaid!

Where and How?

This therapy takes place either in a pool or in the sea. Ideally temperatures are between 30C and 35C to really allow the body and the brain to switch off. We begin by connecting with each other in the water, you are welcome to share any feelings or concerns before the session in a safe and sacred space.

When it is time to begin, I invite you to float in the water, at all times your head is supported by my me, and floaters on your legs allow your body to float on the surface. Once I feel your mind and body have fully relaxed I may begin a sequence of moves that I feel could help your body. We explore the different the themes of water in the moves, of stillness like in a lake, of gentle ripples like we see in a stream, through to a bit of chaos like we may see in my dynamic oceans. At all times you are held in the safest of places inviting you to let go and RECEIVE.

The magic of this therapy is hard to put into words, but many lives (including my own!) have been dramatically changed and improved by this therapy.


Deep relaxation…

Learning to let go and trust again…

Feel at peace, divine love, calm and clear….

Experience rebirthing ….

Healing traumas (water and non water related) 

Reconnect  with your WATER element…

Find your inner mermaid….



Katie was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel at home whilst also about to embark upon an adventure. I trusted her immediately and found the water therapy to be eye opening and bring clarity and peace to me.

Jenna, UK

An amazing experience and Katie is a true professional. Really comfortable pool session. I felt as new! I can highly recommend water treatment. It calms you down and alleviates stress.

Joaquim, Holland

Jonathan Zysermann , France

She is an amazing therapist and space holder. The treatment was deeply profound and I was able to connect with my inner child and powerfully to the elements of nature and the ocean. Was a wonderfully relaxing but also healing experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone open enough to try something a little different but beautiful. Thanks again Katie.

Richard Batts, UK

My water treatment with Katie was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I felt complexly relaxed with Katie and held in such a loving way. It was a truly blissful and beautiful experience that I would highly recommend

Hannah, Ibiza

I had wonderful experience with her She is caring and committed and do it all for love.

Itzik, Israel

The mantra’s she was singing reminds me of The Little Mermaid and felt really caring, nurturing and loving. Even underwater I felt safe. Afterwards I was happy with al the insights I received and the loving colours I saw. Thank you Katie for this caring experience.

Lauri, Holland

A lifetime experience passes under the water, reborn, how powerful and healing there are in the water that moderators between the pieces, the water caress, the deep of emotions, brings back memories that we are saved. Incredible.

Ora, Israel

WOW! Incredible experience of being a one with nature. Really blissful experience.

Chris, Thailand

The most beautiful healing experience I have come across on my journey. Surrendering to the element of water and allowing the system to release the tension which had been stored in the body for many years. Allowing a rebalancing of the nervous system and a boost in the flow of energy. The process was profound for me in many ways as it allowed me to experience complete trust, a state of being beyond all fears, total bliss!Review by Morris Facebook

Robert Morris, UK

Very sweet and lovely presence Katie support me into an unforgettable wataflow session. A guidance to the experience of full bliss and acceptance of all the beauty within and around us. Infinite thanks for this gift Katie, you are an amazing. 

Dunia Rida, Spain

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