Thank you for checking out my page, and well done you for wanting improve your life by being healthier, more balanced, and more connected!

I offer a range of therapies dependent on your aims and how you want to FEEL. I would love to help you on your journey to feel better, be it by increasing balance, strength, flexibility, reducing body fat, improving muscle tone, or to deeply relax with gentler yoga or Water Therapy I offer a range of Holistic modalities to get you to where you want to be.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Motivational and Nutritional Coach  (REPS Level 3, REPS LEVEL 2, NRPT Registered, ACTIVEIQ quals, EIF Master Trainer). I enjoy work with clients outdoors (private and small group) using a range of equipment depending on your goals (TRX, Kettle bells, Resistance Bands, FreeWeights, Swiss Ball, etc).

I’m also a Hatha based qualified Yoga teacher, (DRU Yoga, Yoga Alliance Registered) and Water Therapist. I would love to help you on your journey to an even better YOU! I’ve also supported and lead lots of retreats in Ibiza, Thailand, UK, and Portugal .

I’m passionate about meditation, yoga, and trying to be grounded in the here and now. I have done a couple of Vipassana silent retreats in Sri Lanka and Thailand and many retreats around the world. In Ibiza I’ve been very blessed to involved with many holistic retreats and love helping guests/clients/people on their journeys to a more balanced life!

Book in for your FREE consultation and let me see if I can help you!

Lots of Love

xx Katie xx