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Energy, Balance, Smiles

In Holistic Wellbeing Coaching we work on the first promise- that you are WHOLE AND COMPLETE. You are managing (or juggling!) different segments of your life at all times, as a holistic wellbeing coach we focus on whatever you feel is the most out of balance at this time!  As a Personal Trainer, a Yoga Teacher, A mindfulness coach and Water Journey Therapy I design a programme personally tailored around YOUR desires or needs.

If you are looking to lose weight and tone up – we will will likely put together a Strength Based Programme adding in elements of Yoga build on your recovery time.  If you have been suffering from stress we may put together a more Gentle Yoga Based programme with some Water Therapy to help you heal and calm the nervous system. If you recovering from lower back issues we could build together a core and lower back strengthening programme with some Water Therapy in to help you heal. If you simply want to build flexibility, work on your handstand or headstand we will put together a more Yogic Based programme for you. Some clients are interested in a blend of everything I do! There are options to suit all budgets, and most of my work has shifted online this year so you can be anywhere in the world! (Water Therapy remains 1-2-1 and in person)

Ranging from One Off Private Holistic Fitness/Coaching sessions, to Private Small Group using a range of Cardio (from Hiit, to BoxFit, Skipping) to strength training (free weights, TRX, kettlebells), to stretching and lengthening from Yoga there is a session awaiting your aims.

About me

My name is Katie, I’m a Holistic Wellbeing and Healing Coach. Officially I’m a PT , Yoga/Mindfulness teacher (combining elements of Dru, Hatha, Flow, Anusara), and Water Journey therapist, and I blend each of these and many years of experience of working with people 1-2-1 / small groups. I am passionate about helping people FEEL BETTER, both from mental health challenges to physical wellbeing. (ranging from improve physical strength, flexibility, cv fitness, and managing their minds, overcoming trauma, rediscovering relaxation and deep inner peace).

Together we can create a bespoke 8 or 10 week programme depending on YOUR needs & goals, so where are YOU at on your journey to optimum health and wellness? Whist we have no idea how the external world is going to be- why not invest in you + your interior world??!

If you are looking a teacher/trainer who puts your needs first and foremost send me a message today!






Packages also available

Get Lean, Get Balanced, Get Smiling!

3 tiers of service in Ibiza.


all based directly upon YOUR goals and aims.


Gold, highly personalised training 3 x P/W

Silver highly personalised training 2 x P/W

Bronze highly personalised training 1 x P/W

Each package features

FREE Consultation at a location of your choice (with absolutely no obligation)

FREE 60 minute pre body composition, fitness testing, postural and balance assessment.

FREE Initial Health Screening

FREE Lifestyle assessment (including dietary analysis)

FREE Postural Assessment +  Medical History, Exercise History.

FREE Holistic Coaching and TIPS as part of the consultation (this means looking at MINDset, EMOTION management as well as the PHYSICAL aspect)

+ Guidance and Support on developing balance and flexibility

+ Support on Holistic Health (making sure you are working on your physical body, mind, and highest self to reach your goals)

+ A Personal Trainer and Coach who cares about YOU and puts YOU first!

 Every session will be different and developed dependant on your programme, using a range of techniques and equipment.

From YOGA for balance and flexibility, STRENGTH developing functional fitness, Kettlebells, free weights, TRX, Resistance Bands, Swiss Ball, CARDIO Boxing, Personalised Circuits, range of HIIT, developed stamina and CV fitness. Your programme will depend on your needs and focus on developing CORE muscles.

Typical GET LEAN GET BALANCED GET SMILING (fat burn, muscle sculpt, balance the body) will feature dynamic blend of Strength training, CV Fitness, CORE and Yoga for stretching.

Key is on making your body stronger to serve you better!

Email me today and I’ll call you back with 48 hours to book in for your free consultation.

Katie x


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