June’s Full Strawberry Moon!

June’s Full Strawberry Moon!

June’s Strawberry Full Moon!

Thursday 28th June 28th Moon is my favourite named moon (closely followed by the Beaver moon in November) the STRAWBERRY MOON!

June’s strawberry moon is named so as it was traditionally the time when farmers knew it was a time to pick wild strawberries as they would be in their most tastful.

During this strawberry moon it is also possible to see Saturn, probably best to download the Nightsky app to find out where you are gazing. As we have very clear skies in ibiza and the UK this week it should be a really beautiful time to get outside to enjoy the moonlight and have a sky scan for the amazing planet of Saturn.

Energetically this full moon may interrupt your sleep or invite some strong emotions to be released. This June’s full moon in Capricorn is also a time where you may be experiencing strong emotions of fear, desires to break free, escape, sadness or grief (I work up in tears this morning for no explainable reasons! HA!)

Get outside and ENJOY the splendour! https://astrologyking.com/full-moon-june-2018/


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