Dealing with back pain…disc prolapses

Dealing with back pain…disc prolapses

Dealing with back pain…disc prolapses

Back pain! How I overcame a severe disc prolapse

Well it’s been 2 years this month since my back WENT in Costa Rica, finally making the time to share my spine story with intention of giving HOPE to those suffering right now!

I initially suffered huge disc prolapse in 2010 not long after my dad passing. I was in Germany. At Oktoberfest.


I’d been having pretty severe back pain for a few weeks and just put it down to my backpack, and crappy backpacker beds. Until, finally, day 2 into Oktoberfest, GAME OVER. I went to stand up from my bed, and it was as though 10,000 Volts of electricity were shooting up my leg, spine, and entire body, forcing me to howl and drop onto my knees in writhing pain.

The drama continued for many many months in 2010, I had more MRI scans than most have in a life, saw more physios/osteos/chiros/neurosurgeons than you could imagine. This part of the story ended with a microdiscectomy 1 which involved removing the disc that it blocking the in my case S1 nerve root. Recovery was OK but I went to back to intense exercise too fast. Eventually though I studied to become a Personal Trainer and Dru Yoga Teacher and life continued well.

Until 2017.

There had been another spout of grief (heartache this time) and I jollied myself off to Costa Rica on a Yoga/Detox trip to get some sun and heal. Week 2 in the trip the back decided to full throttle



Again long story short, after weeks of being unable to walk, I was flown from Santa Teresa to San Jose hospital (paid for by the way by my amazing friends and family as the insurance company were useless at the time)  Quick scan revealed the SAME L5 disc had slipped once again very severely. I was heartbroken.

I contacted literally every body worker I knew to help and guidance.

I came very very close to opting to have surgery in Costa Rica as I felt it was the only solution but I am SO grateful I didn’t. It was finally getting in touch with a Professor of physio in Australia who (thank you so much to physio Evie Prince who put me in touch with Peter O’Sullivan in Australia was very confident my body could heal itself. And, that the bigger the disc prolapse the greater the chance of this happening. The AHA moment! This gave me so much trust and belief. I spent 15 of THE longest days you can imagine in that hospital, bed bound, watching film after film to help the hours pass. I didn’t know anyone in this area, so it was really just me, the clock and the positive thought processes (which worked!)

The story moved along slower than you can imagine! Eventually I was transferred from Costa Rica to Harley Street London where I had more conservative treatments under the neurosurgery department.

The BIGGEST key to become pain free for me was discovering Water Therapy. It enabled my entire body to relax and eventually heal itself.

Not only did my back LOVE the flotation in the warm water, I was able to heal some OLD stories of grief and pain. I feel SO GRATEFUL to this therapy, to Oceano for my introduction to it. 2 years later I’ve now completed a few courses of Wataflow, and supported some. Also experienced some Watsu with Sophie Padamoon, and had the pleasure of some private trainings with Dolphin Dance and Watsu Master Liliana Cangemi. I’ve had the joy of holding space for many people and would love to hold space for you.


What is Wataflow,  What is Dolphin Dance

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